Are you one of those people that has boundless energy to keep going all day long?  Yeah, neither am I.  But I also don’t want to get that mid-afternoon slump where I feel the overwhelming urge to take a nap.  So I have compiled a list of 10 foods that will help increase your energy in a non-caffeinated, non-sugary way.  Next time you feel your energy start to lag, try one of these foods.

10 Foods to Increase Your Energy

1.  Dark, leafy greens.  Kale, spinach, Swiss chard and mustard greens are high in nutrients yet low in calories.  They are easy to make into a salad to snack on or add to your favorite smoothie.

2.  Green tea.  Although green tea contains caffeine, you won’t experience the energy spike and drop like with coffee.  Green tea also contains an amino acid that helps promote relaxation.  Read more about the benefits of green tea HERE.

3.  Quinoa.  Quinoa is a powerhouse food in so many ways.  Rich in B vitamins, it helps convert carbohydrates into energy.  Since quinoa is such a versatile food, it’s easy to add to any meal.  Learn more about quinoa HERE.  And try one of my favorite gluten free quinoa recipes – Quinoa Brownies.

4.  Air-popped popcorn.  Whole-grain carbohydrates are a longer lasting source of energy than simple carbs.  Popcorn will keep you satisfied longer – just be sure to not douse it with oil, butter or salt to keep its healthy food status.

5.  Bananas.  Bananas are a great source of both potassium and B vitamins, which provide sustained energy.  They are the perfect grab and go snack and, paired with nuts, can help get you through the afternoon energy slump.

6.  Nuts.  Another food loaded with B vitamins, nuts are a fantastic source of energy.  A lack of B vitamins can lead to fatigue, poor concentration and irritability – so grab a handful of nuts to fight back!

7.  Oatmeal.  Oatmeal is high in fiber and is a complex carbohydrate.  Since it takes so long for your body to digest complex carbohydrates, you’ll experience sustained energy all morning.

8.  Hummus.  A healthy combination of fiber and protein, hummus will boost your energy and stabilize blood sugar.  Check out my favorite hummus recipe HERE.

9.  Coconut.  Coconut is high in potassium, protein and fiber.  With the various forms coconut comes in, you can enjoy it as a drink, as flakes or cook with coconut oil.  Coconut oil has tons of other uses as well – check them out HERE.

10.  Dark chocolate.  Dark chocolate is good for so many different things!  Dark chocolate has been shown to be heart-healthy, which means that more oxygen is delivered throughout your body, boosting your energy level.  But remember, the darker the chocolate, the better it is for you!

Do you experience a mid-morning or mid-afternoon energy slump?  How do you overcome it?  Tell us in the comments below!

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