I love lemons!  The perfect glass of sweet lemonade is ideal on a hot summer day.  But did you know there are tons of other uses besides making lemonade?  It’s true!

Check out some of these amazing non-lemonade uses for lemons:

  • Removing strong odors in sinks or trash cans – drop leftover lemon peels or squeeze lemon juice directly in the drain or trash can to erase strong odors
  • Natural cleaner – simply add some lemon juice to a sponge or cloth and wipe away stains.  For really tough stains, add to a little vinegar and watch stains disappear.
  • Skin care – rubbing a lemon cut in half on dry areas can help rehyrdate them. Just be careful of rubbing on cracked skin.
  • Treatment for sore throat – add some lemon to hot water when you’ve got a sore throat and let the soothing begin.
  • Natural preservative –  squeeze a little lemon juice on foods like salad or avocado to stretch it a little further and keep it from browning.
  • Add highlights to hair – adding lemon juice to your hair just before going out in the sun can help add natural highlights to your hair (and avoid those expensive salon bills)
  • Kill weeds – no need for harmful chemicals to kill those pesky weeks!  Just apply some lemon juice and watch the weeds disappear.
  • Brighten nails – lemons can be used to brighten nails the same way as adding highlights to your hair.  Just rub a little on your nails.
  • Natural ant repellent – ants don’t like lemon juice.  Spraying lemon juice to ant piles or around areas where they may be entering your home will repel them naturally.
  • Hand sanitizer – lemon is great for killing germs and leaves your hands smelling great.
  • Refresh cutting boards – sometimes all the onions, garlic and fish you cut on the cutting board leaves it smelling less than fresh. Rub half a lemon over it to freshen the smell and remove the germs.
  • Prevent kidney stones – regular consumption of lemon juice has been shown to break up the compound that leads to the formation of painful kidney stones.
  • Neutralize cat box odor – place a couple of cut lemons in a small dish near the litter box and freshen the air around Fluffy’s litter box.
  • Boost laundry detergent – add a cup of lemon juice during the wash cycle and watch your clothes come out brighter, stain free and smelling great!

What other household uses do you know of for lemons?  Tell us in the comments below!

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