coconut oil

Coconut oil is great for cooking and baking because it has a high smoke point.  It’s perfect to use as a butter replacement or for making a delicious stir fry.  But did you also know that there are many, many other uses for coconut oil?  Some of these may surprise you!

  • Lip balm.  Coconut oil makes a great all natural alternative to store bought lip balms and will make your lips soft and smooth.
  • Body moisturizer.  Apply to your skin after shower for super soft skin.
  • Prevent stretch marks.  Apply to your skin to keep skin smooth and healthy.
  • Leave in overnight conditioner.  Rub a small amount into hair (mostly at ends) and put hair into loose bun at night.  Wash out in the morning for a deep-conditioning treatment just like you would get at the salon (without the outrageous price).
  • Natural energizer.  Eat a teaspoon straight from the spoon for a natural energy boost each day.
  • Fading age spots.  Apply coconut oil to age spots and watch them fade away.
  • Eye cream.  Use under eyes to reduce swelling, puffiness, or dark spots.
  • Makeup remover.  Coconut oil is perfect for removing that stubborn mascara with ease.
  • Strengthen nails and cuticles.  Just rub into nails and cuticles to help with ragged cuticles and growing strong nails.
  • Body scrub.  Mix with sugar or salt and massage into skin for a gentle exfoliating scrub.
  • Anti-frizz for hair.  Smooth a little coconut oil on your hair to help tame those frizzies.
  • Diaper cream.  Rub onto baby’s bottom for a soothing lotion and protective barrier.
  • Spot and stain remover.  Run into carpet to loosen stain.  Mix with a little baking soda to remove stain.
  • Sweetener for coffee and tea.  Replace that chemical-laden creamer with the perfect all natural substitute.
  • Help with allergies, running nose, nose bleeds.  Rub a small amount into nostrils to help lubricate nasal passages.
  • Clean scummy shower.  Rub with coconut oil, spray with white vinegar, wipe and dry for a sparkly shower without the chemical smell of store bought cleaners.
  • Treat doggie breath.  Feed a little coconut oil to your dog to help with fresh breath.
  • Shiny cat coat.  Put a dab on your cat’s paw for a healthy, shiny coat.
  • Prevent hair balls.   Feed your cat a little coconut oil to help reduce or eliminate hairballs.
  • Improve digestion.  Studies have shown that consuming coconut oil aids in digestion.
  • Improve athletic performance.  A little coconut oil helps improve energy level and endurance

Do you use coconut oil for cooking or other uses?  How do you use it?  Have you tried any of these uses?

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