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One of my least favorite rooms to clean is the bathroom.  To be completely honest, I really don’t enjoy cleaning at all, although I do enjoy having a clean house.  Sadly though, the cleaning fairy has yet to make an appearance in my home so I’m left to do the work.  The combination of my busy schedule and lack of enthusiasm for cleaning led me to figure out a system to get the cleaning done quickly and efficiently.  Then I can get back to all the stuff I want to do!

I know I can’t be the only one that feels this way about cleaning the bathroom so I thought I’d share my system of getting it knocked out!  The best part about it is that I only use one product and it does everything!

8 Steps to a Clean Bathroom #ClingtoClean

  •  Remove everything from its usual spot.  Moving everything from the counters, bath/shower, and floors allow you to quickly clean surfaces without having to stop to move or rearrange other items.  Be sure to remove towels, rugs and trash cans too.  It’s much easier to clean an empty room that to have to continually move items around.
  •  Dust and sweep.  Using a duster with a long handle, remove any cobwebs in corners, on light fixtures or in vents.  After dusting, sweep or vacuum the floors to get rid of all the hair and other particles that may have accumulated on the floor.
  •  Apply cleaner to bathtub and shower and let it soak.  My choice for cleaning is the new Clorox® ThickCling™ Cleaning Bleach.  It is specially formulated to tackle your big, tough cleaning jobs like those tough shower stains.  When I saw that it offered all the cleaning benefits of bleach but was an innovative, easy to use gel, I grabbed it off the Walmart shelf and was almost excited to start cleaning.  With Clorox® ThickCling™ Cleaning Bleach, I get a deeper clean by applying the thick gel, colored bleach that coats and sticks to the surface without running off.  I just pour it on, let it work (while I don’t), and rinse it off – no dilution required either.  Easy, peasy!  And since Clorox® is a brand that I’ve trusted since, well, forever, it was really a no-brainer!
  •  Tackle other surfaces.  While the Clorox® ThickCling™ Cleaning Bleach is working hard on my bathtub and shower, I move onto other surfaces and pour a little bleach onto a sponge.  Using the sponge, wipe down towel racks, baseboards, blinds, doors and windowsills.  Working in sections from the top of the room to the bottom, and left to right, keeps cleaning organized and makes sure no surfaces get overlooked.  Since these generally aren’t tough surfaces, there’s no need to let the bleach sit so it can be immediately wiped off with a wet sponge.
  • Scrub the shower and bathtub.  Now that the Clorox® ThickCling™ Cleaning Bleach has been hard at work on the bathtub and shower while you were cleaning the other surfaces, scrubbing the shower and bathtub is the easy part.  Lightly scrub surfaces to remove the loose dirt and buildup and then rinse.  Replace the bath and shower items that were removed in step one and close the curtain or door.
  •  Clean the sink and vanity area.  Add some cleaning bleach to a sponge and wipe down the sink, faucets and countertops, then wipe with a clean, wet sponge.  If there is buildup in the sink or soap dish, allow the Clorox® ThickCling™ Cleaning Bleach to soak for a few minutes before wiping off.  Use a slightly damp cloth to remove the dust from the cabinets.  Replace the items you removed from the countertop.
  •  Clean the toilet.  Another dirty job, no doubt, especially if you have lots of buildup.  But Clorox® ThickCling™ Cleaning Bleach can easily take care of this job as well.  If there is heavy buildup, pour it directly on the mess and allow the cleaning bleach to soak for a few minutes before scrubbing with a toilet brush.  For the outside of the toilet, use the bleach on a sponge to wipe it down and then wipe with a clean sponge.
  •  Mop the floor.  Not having to dilute Clorox® ThickCling™ Cleaning Bleach might be my favorite thing about it.  To clean the floor, use a little bit of Clorox® ThickCling™ Cleaning Bleach, mop, and rinse with clean water.  When the floor is dry, replace the trash cans and you’ve got a spotless bathroom!

Have you tried Clorox® ThickCling™ Cleaning Bleach or any of their other innovative cleaning products yet?  How would you incorporate it into your cleaning routine? Do you have any simple tips to make cleaning easier?  Please share in the comments below!

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