Apparently, there are a lot of people that find running on a treadmill to be boring.  I’ve even heard people call it the “dreadmill”.  I guess I’m one of those rare people that enjoy running on the treadmill.  My treadmill has saved me from having to run outside when weather conditions prohibited it – like the month of ice/snow during the winter, the month of rain we had this spring, and heat of the brutal Texas summer.  But, I can understand that some people only hit the treadmill because they have to, not because they want to.  So today, I present you a list of ways to make running on the treadmill a little less boring.

1.  Watch a favorite TV show.  With Netflix, it’s easy to always have your favorite show ready to watch.  It’s a great way to catch up on the latest series AND get your workout done.

2.  Try an interval workout.  Running the same pace all the time can get boring so try increasing and decreasing your speed and/or incline.

3.  Learn something new.  Download an audio book or favorite podcast to listen to while running.  Your brain will be engaged and off the monotony of your footsteps.

4.  Play with the buttons.  Some gyms have fancy treadmills with tons of options.  Try randomly pushing buttons and picking a new workout.  A random hill workout will make your legs stronger and speed intervals will help increase your overall pace.  Either way, you’ll burn more calories.

5.  Focus on your breath and form.  Counting your breaths can be very distracting and help you control your breathing as well.  Try breathing in for 3 or 4 strides and breathing out for 3 or 4 strides.  Managing your breath can help you lower your heart rate and become a more efficient runner.

6.  Have a special playlist.  Pick out songs that motivate you and keep your energy level up.  Songs with at least 160 beats per minute will keep your legs moving.

7.  Break it up.  If the repetitive nature of running gets to you, trying taking a break from one foot in front of the other every few minutes and switch to lunges, planks, push ups, skipping or butt kicks.  Be sure to stop the treadmill first.  Run for a few minutes and do another activity.  Your other muscles will benefit as well.

8.  Cover the console.  Unless you are doing timed intervals, you don’t need to watch the time tick by.

9.  Race someone.  If you’re at the gym, there’s likely someone running nearby.  Race them.  They are probably already racing you anyway!

Are you a treadmill hater or do you love it?  Do you have any boredom busters to add to this list?  Tell me in the comments below!

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