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Most of us do not get the required amount of fruits and vegetables in our daily diets and need easy ways to add more fruits and vegetables.  But many of us find it challenging to add more.  Here are 10 easy ways to add more fruits and vegetables to your diet that you can start doing right now:

  • Add fruits and vegetables to your breakfast. Put berries or banana in your oatmeal, make a smoothie (Blueberry almond milk smoothie), scramble eggs with spinach, onions, mushrooms, or bell peppers or add salsa. Adding vegetables to your breakfast will help keep you fuller longer and be a delicious start to your day.
  • Drink a glass of 100% fruit juice (limit to 8 ounces to avoid too many sugars). Be sure to read the label to make sure that it is actually 100% real juice.
  • Grab a banana, apple, orange, or peach on your way out the door. These are great on the go snacks that are extremely portable.
  • Double the veggies in recipes. Soups and casseroles make it easy to add extra vegetables.
  • Be sneaky!  Shred or grate veggies like carrots or zucchini and add to recipes.  It will add moisture and nutrients but you won’t taste it. Secret vegetables can be added to sauces, entrees and baked goods and no one will ever know!
  • Have a meatless dinner at least once a week. Replacing the meat on your plate once or twice a week will save you money and allow you to fill your plate with extra vegetables.
  • Experiment and try a new vegetable each week.  Sometimes you will love it, sometimes you won’t.  Most vegetables are extremely easy to make and highly versatile.  Roasting, steaming and sautéing are quick and easy ways to prepare most vegetables.
  • Be prepared for snack cravings by having a snack on hand….have fresh or dried fruit on hand or have a cup of 100% juice instead of a soda. A bag of nuts paired with a fruit is a perfect snack.
  • Don’t skip dessert.  What?!?  No, really!  How about a chocolate covered strawberry or frozen bananas or grapes. Sweet and delicious!  Add fresh fruit to low-fat yogurt or freeze 100% juice for popsicles.
  • Have a salad with leafy greens and fruit toppings. The darker the green, the more nutrients it contains.  Supersize your salad, just go easy on the dressing.  Top with plenty of fruits and nuts and any other vegetables you’d like. You can’t go wrong with more veggies!

How do you add more fruits and vegetables into your diet?

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