As someone who only eats real food and nothing processed, frozen meals are pretty much a thing of the past.  Even if the ingredients were semi-healthy at one point, by the time they get into the box, they are loaded with sodium and tons of preservatives.  Can’t really call it real food at that point!  Even some of the package labeling is misleading so you think it’s actually pretty decent for you.  Not the case though!  I’ll be the first to admit that freezer meals are super handy to have around when you just don’t have time to cook but I don’t want to sacrifice clean eating by putting a bunch of preservatives in my body.  So when I was given the opportunity to review Blake’s All Natural meals, I was excited to check them out!  The company sent me a few coupons to try several different meals.

A little about the company

Blake’s was founded in 1929 as a small family business in New Hampshire.  They were committed to providing healthy, real food for as many people as possible. This became a family tradition that has lasted all these years.  Even to this day, they cut their vegetables by hand and make the gravy from scratch.  How many companies can say that?  Now they offer a wide variety of comfort foods made from all natural, organic ingredients.  Meals like shepherd’s pie, chicken pot pie, and homemade macaroni and cheese are sure to be family favorites.  You can find their meals at Target and Whole Foods in most areas or use their product locator and find where they are available in your area.

My review

My husband was out of town for a few days this past week and since my teenage daughter works a lot (and mostly in the evening), I wasn’t sure if there would be anyone joining me for dinner or not so I didn’t plan anything.  It’s easy enough to just throw something together for myself.  My daughter ended up working until 8:30 so she said she would have dinner with me and we could watch a movie.  I usually have dinner way before that but I don’t often get to have this kind of time with my daughter so I was all over that.  Since I was going to a Zumba class with my friend that evening anyway, it worked out well for me to run by Target to pick up some Blake’s meals and have them ready when my daughter got home.  There is a big selection of different meals so it was hard to decide, but I went with these 3 – macaroni & beef, meatloaf dinner casserole, and tuna noodle casserole:

I tried the macaroni & beef and my daughter wanted the meat loaf casserole.  I really enjoyed the macaroni & beef – it had a really good flavor and tasted very fresh!  My daughter really liked the meat loaf casserole too.  She said it was rich and creamy and didn’t taste like it was a frozen meal.  I would have to agree with that comment – it definitely did not taste like a frozen meal at all!  We both thought it was a small portion size and would have liked to have had a little more but since we paired it with a salad, we were satisfied.  I would definitely keep Blake’s All Natural meals on hand for those times when we just didn’t have time to make an entire meal.  They can be cooked either in the oven or the microwave.  Even cooking in the microwave, they tasted great!

Which Blake’s All Natural Meal would you most want to try?

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