Did you know that cherries have been shown to have some amazing health benefits?  Well, they do!  Tart cherries have been shown to reduce pain and inflammation, support deeper/more restful sleep, and to help athletes recover faster.  There has been proof that cherries help with arthritis and joint pain.  The antioxidants help our bodies repair themselves and fight free-radicals that can lead to illness.  Who wouldn’t want to feel better and sleep better?!?  It’s just amazing that such a tiny little cherry can do so much!

Of course I was most interested in learning how cherries could help with my workouts.  With as many miles as I run a week, it’s really important that I focus on recovery and avoid injury so that I am able to keep running.  Running long distance can be hard on the body.  The repetitive motion of running for so long can lead to inflammation.  There are lots of pain relievers out there that can help with inflammation but I would prefer a more natural alternative like cherry juice.  So I was willing to take the 7 day Cheribundi challenge and see if it made a difference.

Although I am a huge fan of cherries, I wasn’t sure what I’d think of drinking cherry juice.  I’ve had cherry-flavored drinks before but that’s different than actual cherry juice.  I won’t lie – that first drink was pretty tart!  But I really liked it!  It was easy to quickly drink the entire bottle.  Since I’ve pretty much eliminated wine from my diet these days to focus on training, I thought I’d try drinking Cheribundi from a wine glass.  Kind of silly, I know, but it was a pretty nice way to drink it.  It made me miss wine less  And with the sleep effects that cherries provide, it made for a nice, relaxing drink as I was winding down for the evening.  I’m not often sore following workouts so I can’t say for sure that cherry juice helped with recovery but I didn’t have to take a pain relievers after working out so it must work!  Considering that more than 90 NCAA and professional sports teams are currently using Cheribundi as their post-exercise recovery drink, I think that’s good enough for me as an amateur athlete!  I can say that I slept very well this week after drinking Cheribundi.  From time to time, I have trouble sleeping for no reason or just don’t get restful sleep.  I slept well every night this week.  I guess the natural melatonin in the cherries really is helpful!  As you know, sleep is a crucial part of recovery so I can appreciate having a natural sleep aid, especially when it’s doing double-duty and reducing inflammation and keeping me healthy.

Cheribundi offers several different types of cherry juice including tart cherry juice, relax, restore, rebuild, and light varieties.  Each of these is made from at least 40 cherries!  They also offer cherry puree smoothie packets for those of you that like to make your own smoothies.  You can add whatever you’d like to your smoothie to make it your own!  Visit Cheribundi’s website to find out where their products are available in your area.  I found them right down the street from me at my local Kroger!

Even if you aren’t an athlete, I’d encourage you to try Cheribundi and see what it does for you!  Accept the Cheribundi 7 day challenge and see if you notice any changes!   Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter too!

Have you experienced the restorative benefits of cherries?  Are you a fan of cherries and cherry juice?

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