Do you struggle with maintaining good posture throughout the day?  I spend a lot of time at my desk staring at the computer and find myself slouching.  I usually don’t notice until my back and shoulders are achy.

Did you know that good posture has many benefits besides avoiding neck, back and shoulder pain?

Just look at some of the benefits of good posture:

  • Helps with breathing.  I think we can all agree that breathing is important.  Standing tall facilitates proper breathing by allowing you to take in more air and exhale fully.  If you’ve ever taken a yoga or pilates class, they emphasize using ideal posture because it helps with breathing.
  • Improves concentration and thinking.  Oxygen is an important component in brain function.  Increased oxygen from proper breathing helps the brain function at a higher level.  Standing or sitting tall increases the flow of oxygen to the brain.
  • Increased confidence and image.  Proper posture can give you the feeling of confident and that is visible to others that see you.
  • Provides health benefits.  Good posture can help avoid neck, back and shoulder pain that result from slouching or slumping in a chair.  It also helps with circulation since that is the way our bodies were designed to work.

If you are not naturally inclined to stand tall with good posture or have established poor habits such as slouching or slumping, try these tips to help correct your posture and begin to enjoy some of the benefits created:

  • Imagine a string being pulled from the top of your head.  When the string is pulled, it pulls your entire body into the proper position.  You’ll be standing or sitting taller with your back straight.
  • Use an ergonomic chair.  Chairs like this one provide proper alignment for the spine and keep you comfortable throughout the day.
  • Periodically check your posture.  Use reminders to check in and assess your posture.  You will likely need to check in frequently at first but over time it will become a more natural position for you.
  • Try alternative seating.  Sitting on a stability ball will force you to use good posture while sitting because there is no way to slouch.
  • Be sure to do back stretching and strengthening exercises.  Many yoga poses such as mountain pose, cobra and cat and cow are particularly beneficial to posture.
  • Relax your shoulders.  From time to time, roll your shoulders and make sure they are relaxed.  This will help you avoid tensing up and creating poor posture.
  • Seek professional advice.  Visit a chiropractor or physical therapist to ensure that your back and neck are properly aligned.  They will have the appropriate skills and experience with your particular needs and will be able to address any concerns.

How is your posture?  Do you have any other tips that help ensure good posture?

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