My daughter and I have been experimenting with juicing over the past few months and love it!  I bought an older version of this juicer a few years ago but did not use it often.  I had one recipe that I really enjoyed but did not experiment much.

Now I know what I was missing out on!

Not only are there some amazing benefits that can result from juicing – such as weight loss, improved energy, glowing skin, and feeling more alert – but it tastes great too!

After trying several flavor combinations, we’ve come to figure out which fruits and veggies we prefer.  We both agree that apples and carrots are delicious.  And neither of us love ginger, although we still use it because it has some great health benefits that we do not want to miss out on.

This green limeade juice is one we both agree that we really like.  If you enjoy the taste of lime, you will love this recipe.  It amazes me that such a little fruit can pack so much flavor!

The apples add a bit of sweetness to this juice while the cucumber and celery make up most of the juice.  The cucumber and celery do not have a lot of taste so you’ll primarily taste the lime.  If you are new to juicing, I would suggest peeling the lime the first time to see if you like it.  Even though I am not a huge fan of ginger, it really adds to the flavor of this recipe.

Depending on the size of your ingredients, this recipe should yield somewhere around 28 ounces.

Green Limeade Juice


3 medium apples (I use Granny Smith, but any type is fine)
2 stalks celery
1 cucumber
1 thumb ginger
1 lime


Add all ingredients to juicer.
Serve immediately or cover and drink within 24 hours.
**Note: some people prefer to peel the lime first. If you are new to juicing, I would recommend peeling it

Have you tried juicing before?  What is your favorite fruit and vegetable combination?

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