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I think it goes without saying that becoming a mother is probably one of the biggest life changes that many of us experience.  Sure, we have an idea prior to our children being born that motherhood is an important job but I think the full impact doesn’t hit until later.  You know – when you realize that you are responsible for this little person in every way from making sure he eats, does his homework and brushes his teeth.  We have to consider the physical, emotional, and social aspects of their lives and help them become healthy, happy and responsible adults.  It’s quite a large task!

One of the amazing things for me about having children was that they made me want to be a better person.  Although I was young when my children were born, their births made me face my own mortality.  I wanted to live a long and healthy life so I could see them grow up and live their own lives.  There is no greater gift than to see the fruits of your labor with grown children and grandchildren!

My children were my inspiration to get healthy and fit and to start eating right.  And now that it has been a few years since we made changes to our habits at home, I can really see the payoff.   This past year brought the marriage of one daughter and the birth of my first grandson.  My reasons for living a healthy life keep getting better!  I don’t want to miss out on anything with them!  And I want to be the good example that shows them what a healthy life looks like!

Maybe you’re already making healthy choices for yourself and your family.  If you could use a little help, I’ve got some ideas to help get you going!  If you aren’t ready to take on all of these now, start with one thing and keep going.  Each change can make a huge difference!

Simple Changes that can Positively Impact Heart and Brain Health:

  • Eat more fruits and vegetables – here are some easy ways to do that
  • Decrease consumption of sodium – eating less processed or packaged foods helps with sodium intake
  • Decrease consumption of sugary sweetened beverages – they don’t have any nutritive value anyway
  • Increase physical activity – check out these tips if you hate exercising
  • Check and control blood pressure – visit the American Heart Association site to learn more about blood pressure

The American Heart Association has tons of resources for healthy living, including recipes, healthy tips and tricks for moms, as well as information on heart and brain health.  They are working to improve the health of communities by affecting laws through advocacy initiatives and funding life-saving research and science advances to help people live healthier, longer lives.  Moms can be the positive influence that guide families to healthy lives!  We can make the difference!

And that makes my healthy momma heart very happy.

What is your reason for living a healthier and longer life?  Will you join me and other moms in celebrating Life Is Why and commit to making healthy heart changes for yourself and your family?

Check out the AHA on Pinterest for easy tips to get moving more and eating healthier, plus lots of recipes and mom hacks and share your own Why here!

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