Some days I feel like I can’t get anything done at all.  And other days I can plow through everything on my to-do list.  Perhaps you can relate and feel like this some days?

As I started thinking about what makes me so productive on those days, I contemplated those things and developed a list of what makes me most productive as well as what limits my productivity.  While I still have days that aren’t as productive as others, this is a good list to increase your overall level of productivity.

How to Boost Your Productivity

Prioritize your day

First of all, knowing what is most important allows you to take care of the critical tasks first.  Then, if time allows, you can do the less important items.  This helps to eliminate stress and make the most of your time each day, while keeping you focused on what has to be done.

Create a written action list 

Next, an action list based on your priorities details the specific tasks that need to be completed each day and keeps your on track.  This list keeps you focused as it is your roadmap to getting things done.

Learn to say no 

We each have the same amount of hours in the day to get things done and don’t always have time to take on new duties.  Of the things that we are often asked to do, we aren’t always excited to do those things.  Remember that no is a perfectly valid answer and does not require an explanation.

Stay fit and active

Getting regular activity will help increase your energy, help you sleep better and can help you increase your productivity.  Even a few minutes a day can help clear your head and many people find time exercising helps their creativity.

Limit time wasters and distractions

We all know that distractions can derail progress and as a result, stop or limit productivity.  By figuring out where your time is being wasted (social media, television, browsing the internet, etc), you can use those as only a short break after a period of focused productivity.  If necessary, set a timer for an hour to work and give yourself a 10 minute break.  Be sure to get back to work after break time is over though!

Make yourself unavailable  

There is no reason that you need to be available 24/7 to everyone for any reason.  With modern technology, this seems to be the expectation but it can really have a negative impact on our productivity.  From time to time, it’s perfectly acceptable to shut off your phone and email and go off the grid.

Think positively 

Thinking positively can have a huge impact on productivity as well as overall happiness.  It can help you avoid getting trapped believing that some things are impossible or are not likely to happen for whatever reason.  Negative thoughts are the quickest way to derail productivity or even cause progress paralysis.  If you find yourself struggling with negative thoughts, take a brief break and recharge.

Simplify your life

Because overcomplicating life can easily derail productivity, simplifying your life is helpful.  Having too much stuff, too much to do, and too many obligations can create chaos and overwhelm.  Simplifying your life by removing unnecessary things and tasks can really help.  If you don’t need it or it doesn’t add value to your life, get rid of it!

Get up earlier and have quiet time

Because one of the best ways to increase mental clarity and focus is to have a few minutes of quiet, focused time in the morning.  Try to avoid plunging into the chaos of the day by starting the day with quiet time.  This is an ideal time to read, meditate or even take a brisk walk and get the productive juices flowing!

Do you ever find your productivity suffering throughout the day?  How do you get back on track and get things done?  Share your tips with us in the comments below!

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