Water is the main component of that makes up about 60 percent of our body weight and every functioning system in the body relies on water to work property.  The importance of proper hydration cannot be underestimated.  Dehydration is a real issue and many people are suffering from dehydration without even knowing it.  Dehydration is a result of not being adequately hydrated, or, simply put, not drinking enough water.  When this happens, the body does not function properly or normally and this could have detrimental effects.  Even a little dehydration is bad for the body because if you are not fully hydrated, it affects the energy level.  Many people suffering from dehydration also complain of fatigue and no energy.

Water leaves our body’s everyday in ways we never imagined.  Most of us know that we lose water through sweating as a result of high impact activity, the heat or even stress.  However, we also lose water by going to the bathroom, and even by breathing and that water needs to be replenished in order for the body to survive.

We get most of our water from drinking it as a beverage, but some water content comes from food.  Whatever the source, men need to drink about thirteen cups of water a day and women need to drink at least 9 cups of water per day.  This is the amount needed to replenish the body and keep it properly hydrated.

So, we know that hydration is important for the survival of life, but hydration is important, required and needed for other things as well.

Athletes need water

It is very important for athletes and people participating in regular organized sports or activities to get enough water throughout the day.  People that are highly active may require more water than the average because they are losing more water through sweating.  This hydration can come through water, juices or fruits and vegetables.  When an athlete suffers from dehydration, they may experience muscle cramps, or soreness of muscles, fatigue, light headed or dizzy and loss of coordination.  All of these can impair an athlete’s performance.

Weight Loss

This is a big eye catcher for many people, and it is true, drinking water can help control the weight or help to lose weight.  People drinking 16 ounces of water prior to a meal, three times a day over a 3 month period had an increased weight loss of five pounds.  In addition, drinking ice cold water will have a significant impact on weight loss because the body will burn calories to warm up the body.

Beautiful skin

Being properly hydrated will also lubricate the joints, eyes, and spinal cord but it also prevents skin issues like dermatitis, cracked skin, and even dryness.  Drinking water has been known to radiate the skins appearance with a natural and healthy glow.

Is too much water a real thing?

With the fixation of water being to maintain hydration, it is hard to believe that there is such a thing as drinking too much water.  Drinking too much water is called water intoxication or water poisoning.  If it sounds scary, that is because it is.  Drinking too much water can be potentially fatal.  What happens is too much water disturbs the brain function.

Although this is not common, it does happen and many overly hydrated people are athletes that have been involved in intense workouts and the electrolytes are not properly replenished.  For example, marathons runners are highly susceptible to water poisoning because they most likely have drank a lot of water prior to the race, and are during the race.

Although water poisoning is not common, it does occur.  There is a balance between too much water and not enough and most people struggling too much water, or water poisoning are athletes.  The majority of people today suffer from dehydration issues as a result lack of hydration.

If you allow yourself to become thirsty, dehydration has already begun, and you need to be hydrated immediately.  You may not feel the full effects of dehydration, but they are there.  If you have regular bouts of dizziness, low energy, fatigue, dry skin and feeling thirsty, you may be experience the side effects of dehydration.  The best way to avoid dehydration of any kind is to carry a water jug around that allows you to measure and keep track of your water intake.  If you are a high impact exerciser, drink a little more, and you should be safe.

Go ahead and grab that water bottle and drink up!

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