Jump Rope Workout

Remember how much fun it was to jump rope as a child?  Nothing was better than recess on the playground – running, skipping, swinging, crossing the monkey bars and jumping rope!

Most of us don’t do those things anymore since we became adults but there’s no reason not too!  All of those activities are great for burning calories and getting fit.

So today, I’m bringing you an adult version of a jump rope routine with some strength exercises thrown in.  You can reminisce about childhood fun as you re-live it with a jump rope and work on your cardio and strength.  Sound good?

All you need for this workout is a rope and plenty of space.  And if you’ve got kids around, let them join in and see who is a better jumper!

Jump Rope Workout

Did you enjoy jumping rope as a child?  What was your favorite recess activity?  Be sure to check out our other at home workouts here.  

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