When I belonged to a local gym, one of my favorite classes was Les Mills Body Pump.  I had never lifted weights before attending this class but instantly fell in love with it.  There was just something about lifting that barbell high above my head that made me feel strong and powerful.  It’s not that I was lifting all that much weight either but I pushed my limits.  Even though I loved this class, when a new gym opened up that was significantly less expensive, I had to give up this class.  So when I saw Beachbody had the entire Les Mills Pump program on sale, I jumped on it!

I really couldn’t believe what an awesome deal it was for this program.  Not only did it come with all of the DVDs below, it came with a bar, weights, nutrition guide and everything you need to get started.  They include a daily program to follow for results but I am currently combining programs in my own hybrid program.  The schedule makes it very easy to follow and keep on track.  I’ve been through each of the DVDs multiple times and wanted to share my thoughts and opinions about each of them.

Pump basics/Pump Challenge

Pump basics only took a few minutes and demonstrated the proper set up of the bar and how to use the weights.  The trainers went over the proper use of the bar and different positions.  If you haven’t used a bar before, this is a great way to feel confident that you are doing it right and not using too much weight or using bad form.  Too much weight or bad form could lead to serious injury or lots of pain so obviously you want to avoid that.  Pump Challenge was an actual 20ish minute workout that would be perfect for those days that you don’t have close to an hour for a full workout.  You’ll still work up a sweat and work those muscles though!  This is a great start to the program and an excellent introduction to Les Mills Pump.

Pump and Burn

Pump and Burn is a medium length workout at 33 minutes and  works all of the major muscle groups – legs, back, chest, and abs. Although it’s fairly short, it’s a super  effective workout.  You’ll definitely feel it if you use the right amount of weight!  It’s great for any level since you can increase or decrease your weights, I like the time.  If you are just getting started and can’t do an entire hour yet, this is perfect.  If you are a hard core weight lifter but don’t have a lot of time, this gets you a great workout in a short amount of time.

Pump and Shred

Pump and Shred is a little long at 45 minutes and goes through all major muscle groups with different instructors.  Just when you feel like you can’t do any more, it’s done.  It’s a tough workout if you challenge yourself enough with the right weights but it feels good to make it all the way through.  This is one of those workouts that really makes you feel strong at the end.

Pump Revolution

This is a full length, full strength workout lasting 56 minutes, just like you would find at the gym. Again it works all muscle groups including warmup, squats, chest, back, triceps, biceps, lunges, abs, shoulders, cool down.  The music is fun and the instructors are energetic .  After learning the different moves, you have the option to pump up the music and not listen to the instructions.  I love having the option to pump up the music.

Pump Extreme

This is the big one!  At just under an hour, it’s the longest workout of the series.  It works all the same muscle groups as the other videos but the songs are longer.  Making it through the entire video feels great and you’ll feel strong no matter how much weight you’ve used.  You WILL get stronger doing this program!


Flow is a short 20 minutes of yoga workout.  It’s an  active recovery/rest day to give your muscles a chance to recover.  This video is a series of stretching poses that balance out work from other days.  And it feels great!  It’s definitely a nice and well-deserved break from the other days!

Hardcore abs

You’ve got 15 minutes, right?  That’s all you need for this ab workout.  Doesn’t seem like enough time to get in a good workout, does it?  No worries, you’ll feel this one long after the workout ends!  It’s truly hardcore for a hard core!  And I love it!!

Overall, I truly love this workout!  Having the ability to do it on my own schedule at home so that I can coordinate strength training with my running schedule is a huge benefit for me.  If you’ve been thinking about adding weights to your fitness routine, you’ll definitely want to check this program out!  If I can help you find a workout program just for you, please let me know and I’d be glad to help!

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