Do you plan your meals ahead of time?  Over the years, I’ve done my family’s meal planning in various forms – anything from planning it in my head, writing out a plan on paper, and writing it down in every detail.  Sometimes I even go to the store without a specific plan and work backwards after seeing what is on sale and what looks good.  All of those methods work well enough for the most part (except planning it in my head and not writing it down) but it takes a lot of time and invariable I forget something that’s critical to a meal.  In that case, I either have to run back to the store or we just order something for delivery.  Obviously, those situations defeat the purpose of meal planning and waste a lot of time and money.  Does this sound familiar to you?

I recently decided to try eMeals to see how that worked out for my family.  Before committing to anything, they let you look at sample menus to see what a typical meal looks like.  And they offer a huge variety of meal plans that are sure to fit every family.  Following the Paleo diet?  No problem!  Clean eater?  No problem!  Only want slow cooker meals?  No problem!  Looking for low calorie meals?  You guessed it!  No problem!  And there are plenty more options too!  And you can switch up your plan whenever you’d like.  I started with the clean eating plan and then switched to the slow cooker clean eating plan.  When we’ve had enough slow cooker meals, I may switch to something else – it’s all up to me!

When you sign up for eMeals, you will have several different options.  You’ll be able to choose how you’d like to pay – you can sign up for a monthly, quarterly or annual plan.  With the annual plan, you’ll end up paying less than $5 a month.  That works out to be just over a dollar a week!  What you’ll get for that is a weekly meal plan with 7 complete dinners planned.  You’ll also get the recipe for each of those meals AND a shopping list that lists everything you will need to get from the store.  The nice thing about the shopping list is that it breaks everything down by department, gives you the quantity needed, tells which meals they are for and even gives estimated prices for those foods.  On the side is a list of the staples you’ll need too – just in case you need to restock on those items.  All of the time this saves me makes it totally worth the $5 a month.  My time is WAY more valuable than that!  Isn’t yours?

And to make it even easier, eMeals has a smartphone app so you can have everything at your fingertips!  I love having a pre-made shopping list that I can check items off of.  And if you decide to skip one of the meals on that week’s menu, just click on skip and your menu and shopping list will be adjusted!  How easy is that?!?

To celebrate back to school and help you plan dinner and spend more time with your family, eMeals is offering 20% off thru the end of September!!  That makes it less than $4 a month!  What a HUGE savings! Just enter the code SCHOOL and you’ll have your meal planning done!

What is your biggest challenge with meal planning?

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