My days start early.  I’m talking realllllly early….as in 4:30 AM each day.  While I’m definitely not  a morning person, mornings are my most productive time of the day.  I can get so much done before heading to the office and my quiet time in the morning really gets me focused on the day.  The introvert in me needs this time alone to get going.  Some mornings I like to get in a short run or workout while other mornings I get lots of blog work done.  But every morning has one thing in common – I can’t live without my coffee and me time!  And to be completely honest here, I’m somewhat of a coffee snob too.  McCafe’ helps me start my day!

Since I drink my coffee black and don’t add sugar or flavored creamer, I really  look for quality coffee.  McCafe’ coffee pods are made with 100% Arabica beans which means it’s premium quality coffee.  It’s harvested from some of the foremost coffee-growing areas of the world with rich soils in mountainous regions.  But you don’t have to visit these far away regions to enjoy a delicious cup of premium coffee – McCafe’ is now available at Walmart!  And there are 8 different flavors to choose from too!  I started with the premium roast since I like a medium roast but I’ll be working my way through all 8 flavors soon!  Not only is McCafe’ available in pods, they come in bags too so you can brew in your regular coffee pot or reusable pods.  I love the flexibility of making either a single cup of coffee or an entire carafe!

Find McCafe’ pods in the coffee aisle at Walmart

McCafe’ coffee pod is ready to go!

Keurig is ready to go too!

Ahhh….almost done brewing!

Coffee is done along with my reminder to live, love and laugh

Enjoying a cup of McCafe’ is my ideal way to start the day before facing the rest of the day!  After a week of work and marathon training, a leisurely Sunday morning with a cup of McCafe’ is a great way to unwind and relax.  Sunday mornings are my quality time at home with my husband and my dog.  We intentionally don’t schedule anything for Sunday mornings so we can share this time.  The rest of the day is filled with grocery shopping and laundry so this time is priceless to me and I look forward to it all week.  Coffee is definitely a part of my life and “me” time!

Are you a coffee drinker?  What’s your favorite coffee and how do you drink it?  How do you get your “me” time and relax and recharge?

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