Name Your Workout

Are you looking for something a little different in your workout?  I know I get bored doing the same thing over and over so this workout is different – in fact, you can switch it up and have a completely new workout every time you do it!  Keep reading for the official rules and several ways to have some fun with it!

Name Your Workout

This is a fun – but super challenging – workout!

The rules are simple: spell out your name and do the exercise that corresponds to that letter.

Easy enough, right?  

We know it can get boring doing the same workouts over and over.  But this one won’t get boring!  Switch things up by spelling another word or name!  Try your kid’s name, your dog’s name, the name of your favorite food – anything you’d like to spell out.  This is a fun one to get your kids involved with too!  Have them make up words for you or help them with their spelling list.  I guarantee they will love making you sweat!

If you are just starting out with this workout, go through it once, building up to twice.  If you are really looking for a challenge, go through the entire alphabet.  You can make this workout as easy or as challenging as you want!

Ready to have some fun and get your sweat on?  Let’s do this!  Be sure to check out our other workouts here.

What words will you spell out for this workout? Tell us in the comments below!

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