No More Flabby Arms Workout

Do you dread wearing sleeveless shirts or tanks because of your arms?  Raising your arms and seeing them jiggle can be embarrassing!  But there is no need to cover them up anymore!

This simple routine can be done anywhere and requires no weights.  The moves are super simple but highly effective.  You’ll definitely be able to feel them working as your arms get stronger!

And an added bonus here is planks!  Think of it as a 2-fer :).  You will work your core and upper body at the same time.  As you get stronger and a 30 second plank is no longer super challenging, hold it for longer.  Go ahead!  I dare you!  And after you increase your plank time, be sure to comment and let me know how long you held it!

If you want to switch up your arm workouts, try this workout.  And don’t forget about your legs and core!  We’ve got plenty of workouts here to help you strengthen those areas as well!

No More Flabby Arms Workout

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