Have you heard the phrase “sleeping like a baby”?

This phrase has always confused me.  Anyone that has ever had a newborn has likely experienced the extreme exhaustion that accompanies a baby.  You know – the waking up every two hours or so to eat and the confusion about night and day.  Once the newborn stage passes, some babies still continue to wake during the night for one reason or another.  Sometimes getting new teeth, being hot or cold, needing a diaper change, getting sick, or hunger can cause parents to be up multiple times.

Even if your baby sleeps relatively well, there’s always the concern of them being safe inside their crib.  Experts recommend that babies sleep on their backs to avoid suffocation.  Because most mattresses are made with an impermeable cover, air is not allowed to circulate through the mattress, putting baby at risk of suffocation.  I know I worried about my children rolling over during the night once they were more mobile.

My children are grown now and technology has advanced.  One technological advancement that can help babies and parents sleep better each night is the Newton Baby mattress.  Now that my grandson has arrived, I no longer have to worry about his movements during the night.  And let me tell you – he likes to sleep on his tummy and moves around like crazy during the night.

After using this mattress for a while, he sleeps so soundly and comfortably.  And that is such a comfort to us – which means we can all sleep soundly.  And that makes for a happy, well-rested family 🙂

Since he’s getting much more mobile – i.e. climbing and escaping from his crib – we’ll soon be converting his crib to a toddler bed.  He will still get to enjoy the comfort and safety of his Newton Baby mattress but we won’t have to worry about a fall.

We had so much fun testing out the durability of the Newton Baby mattress.  The breathable fabric cover feels so much more comfortable than the typical plastic surface of standard baby mattresses.  So we decided to play on it.  The cushiony mattress reminded us of one of Kaden’s favorite bedtime stories Five Little Monkeys and was perfect to let us do a live action recreation of the story.  And, of course, stories are always better inside a teepee!

Here’s Kaden enjoying story time inside his teepee:

He loves “reading” his own stories.

And now he’s acting out the story and jumping on the bed. Fortunately, this story won’t end with a call to the doctor since the mattress is on the floor.

This mattress has just the right amount of firmness for the perfect jump!

This is one happy little monkey!

While the price of the mattress may seem a little high compared to the standard baby mattress, the Newton Baby mattress is worth every penny of it.  Considering that we will likely use this mattress until Kaden is moved into a twin bed, he will get years of use from it.

Some of the features we loved about this mattress include:
  • It is completely breathable.  Even when babies are on their tummies, they are still able to breathe.  This alone makes it worth the price in my book.
  • Easy to clean.  The cover is removable and machine washable.  The inner core of the mattress can be placed in a bathtub and cleaned as well, making it unique compared to other mattresses on the market.
  • Made with safe, allergen-friendly, recyclable materials.  There is no foam, latex, or odd materials.  There are no chemicals and no out-gassing either.  The cover is soft and comfortable, unlike the plastic on cheaper mattresses.  This makes it safer and healthier for baby.
  • It is super comfortable.  The Newton mattress has the perfect amount of firmness and comfort for a great night’s sleep.  If you’ve ever listened to a baby tossing and turning during the night just hoping that they don’t wake up, you understand how important this is.  The breathability allows airflow that helps regulate baby’s temperature.  No need to worry about a sweaty baby waking up during the night.

The Newton Baby mattress is by far the best mattress I’ve seen for baby.  Knowing that my grandson is sleeping soundly and safely is a great comfort and the peace of mind that provides is priceless.  Now sleeping like a baby will be a good thing for all of us!

What are the most important features you look for in a baby mattress?  Tell me in the comments below!

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