If you’ve read any of my previous posts about my workouts, you’ll know that I sweat.  And to be completely honest, I sweat a lot.  My workout clothes smell – and smell bad.  I am afraid to let them sit in my laundry basket for very long because I’m afraid they’ll stink up the entire house!  They probably could too!

So when I got the opportunity to review WIN Detergent, I was all over it.  A lot of my workout clothes now are made of technical wicking fabric that keeps sweat off.  This fabric is much different than cotton and deserves special attention.  WIN Detergent is designed to remove sweat, oils, and odors from technical sports and athletic apparel.  We’ll see if it lives up to the challenge of my stinking running clothes!

It’s really important to me to have fresh smelling clothes.  I’m sure it is to you too (and everyone around you).  I know I’m going to stink them up but I at least want them to start off smelling fresh.  And while they wait in my drawer, I’d like the other clothes to smell fresh too.  I shouldn’t have to quarantine my workout clothes, right?!?  And yes, I do own clothes that are not workout clothes 🙂

WIN Detergent sent me a bottle of WIN and a bottle of WIN Green.  WIN Green is a natural alternative and has no fragrance or dye in it so it’s perfect for sensitive skin.  Because I’m in the middle of marathon training right now and running so much that I don’t have a lot of time to do laundry, I had several days worth of clothes that were ripe  ready to be washed.  You’ll have to trust me when I tell you they smelled B.A.D!!

Since Sunday is my rest day and I don’t run, it usually ends up being laundry day (which to me violates the rest day theory but that’s another topic altogether).  I’ve got a basket full of smelly clothes just begging to be washed.  So let’s see how well this stuff works!

I gotta say….WIN detergent is great!  My clothes came out of the dryer smelling clean!  It’s pretty amazing that my clothes came out smelling so fresh after as awful as the smelled going in.  I’m really impressed!  With my usual detergent, I think the fragrance of the detergent overpowered my clothes.  I love the scent of my regular detergent but if it’s just covering up odors that weren’t removed completely from the fabric, I’m not interested.  I just want clean and fresh….down to the very last thread.  And that’s exactly what I got with WIN detergent!

Want to try it?  You can order it directly from Amazon and have it shipped to your house!

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