In today’s world, people are stressed and pressured beyond reason.  The burdens and heaviness of responsibility has left many people feeling overwhelmed and developing anxiety.  Dealing with this type of stress and anxiety can put a lot of strain on our overall wellbeing.  Stress has been linked to many ailments in addition to anxiety.  Insomnia, backaches, migraines, muscle cramps, stiffness, and even asthma are among some of ailments associated with stress. In addition, stress has now been linked to weight gain.  However, if a person is in highly stressful situation for long periods of time, there can be serious effects on other parts of the body including the immune system, nervous system, and the cardiovascular system.

Even though studies have linked stress with many health issues, and we know that it weighs a person down, we are still a society that is highly stressed, and there doesn’t seem to be any treatment to eliminate stress.  Medication of some sort may help but is not a desired solution and definitely is not a natural solution.

Nowadays, many people are taking control of their stressful lives and turning to Yoga as a remedy.  Yoga is very therapeutic in many ways, and there is healing in the mind, and body.  Through various disciplines of Yoga, including breathing control, physical postures and meditation, you are recreating a relaxed inner and outer being, immediately reducing stress levels.


However, Yoga is also beneficial for many other issues including insomnia.  Participating in stretching rituals on a daily basis will release tension of the body, and mind.  Typically, when you are performing a Yoga stretch, you are also focused on breathing, and that focuses removes your mind from other surrounding issues.  A clear mind, results in a better night sleep.

Allergy and asthma symptom relief

While it is not a proven science, Yoga has been linked to the benefits of helping those who suffer from asthma and allergies.  Through various postures and breathing techniques, asthma sufferers have seen improvements in their symptoms as well as a higher tolerance for exercise.

Increased strength and flexibility

Flexibility is very important for feeling good and because the older we get, the less flexible we naturally are, it is important to maximize our stretching abilities, and Yoga is the best way to accomplish this goal.  Yoga emphasizes stretching of the back, neck, should, writs and legs, as well as other parts of the body.  Tightness can lead to many injuries, and it can also hinder your athletic and daily performance.  Stretching through Yoga on a regular basis will give you more flexibility which will allow the body to move more freely.  In addition, your need of recovery time for an activity will decrease.

Reduce your heart rate

We know that Yoga reduces stress in people’s lives, and as a result, their heart rates become lower.  The controlled breathing patterns help relax the muscles of the body, including the heart.  A lower heart rate has multiple benefits.

Smoking cessation help

Breaking any habit is difficult, but smoking is extremely hard, and there are many different ways to help kick that habit.  Some resort to the patch, while others chew gum but there is one thing many have never considered, and that is Yoga.   Yoga promotes willpower and that is what is needed to overcome the habit.  In addition, it helps to make people aware of the importance of being healthy.  Finally, one of the biggest benefits of Yoga to help in quitting smoking is you can still control your weight.  Many people that are trying to lose quit smoking often turn to food and wind up with another health issue.

Slowing down the aging process

Yoga can slow down the process of aging because when you do the stretches particular glands are nourished, and when these glands are producing properly, the entire system functions better.  This is also why many doctors and health advocates promote or recommend Yoga for their cancer patients.

There are many people that are anti gym and therefore, are not getting the full benefits of exercise.  Yoga can be done at home or in a class and the benefits of Yoga are extensive from reducing stress to an overall better sense of well-being; people have experienced many advantages as a result of Yoga.  Not only is Yoga beneficial for the mind and the physical body, but it is also known to aid in spiritual growth.

Although Yoga is a great part of Hinduism, it is not restricted to that religion.  Yoga is also a tool to help you focus and meditate, and meditating on your particular God, religion or path will help your spirituality and growth.

The bottom line, Yoga benefits the body; mind and spirit in so many ways that more people are turning to Yoga for healthier lifestyle and living.

Do you practice yoga?  What is your favorite pose?

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