This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of JOLLY TIME Pop Corn for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Things have been pretty crazy around my house for the past several months.  My life is pretty busy as it is between my full time job, 2 blogs, and marathon training.  I really can’t fit much more into my schedule without giving up sleep.  On top of my regular busy schedule, I’ve got one daughter graduating from high school in 4 weeks and the other getting married in 2 weeks.  Oh, and then I had to have my appendix taken out last month.  To say that I could use a little time to unplug and relax might be the understatement of the century!

When I learned about the JOLLY TIME Pop Corn family pledge to Unplug. Pop. Connect., I knew that this was exactly what my family needed to disconnect from the craziness of our life and reconnect with each other.

JOLLY TIME Pop Corn is made by the American Pop Corn Company of Sioux City, Iowa and is an independent and family-owned company that, for more than 100 years has offered a variety of popcorn products including traditional, microwave and ready-to-eat popcorn products.  Not only is JOLLY TIME Pop Corn gluten free and made using GMO-free popcorn, it has the only microwave and ready-to-eat popcorn endorsed by Weight Watchers®.  A family-owned company that’s been around for more than 100 years knows a thing or two about family!  Learn more about them here.

What is the JOLLY TIME Pop Corn family pledge?  JOLLY TIME invites your family to Unplug. Pop. Connect.  Just disconnect from technology and enjoy some quality time together!  Shut off the TV, cell phones, and other electronic devices, pop a bowl of your favorite JOLLY TIME Pop Corn and break out the family board games!  You never know what might happen when you get away from technology and enjoy some old fashioned fun with each other!

My girls have always loved putting together puzzles.  With all of those tiny pieces, it’s a great way to sit and chat while figuring out which piece belongs where.  I love working on puzzles with them because they are typically not completed all in one sitting so we all come back at another time for more unplugged fun.  Having our favorite JOLLY TIME Pop Corn nearby to snack on makes it an extra special treat too.  We can’t always agree if we want Healthy Pop® Kettle Corn or The Big Cheez®, so that’s easily settled by popping both!  When the popcorn gets popping, so does the conversation and the family fun!

Are you ready to take JOLLY TIME Pop Corn’s Unplug. Pop. Connect pledge?  Visit the JOLLY TIME Pop Corn site to learn more about it, share your family pledge, and receive a great coupon.  You could even win a special prize package!

Have you taken the JOLLY TIME Pop Corn Unplug Pop Connect pledge yet?  What activity will your family do together and what popcorn will you share?  Share your family’s pledge in the comments below!

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