This week was going to be a pretty intense training week with increased mileage, 2 bike rides and a couple of classes at the gym.  Here’s what I had on the schedule:

Sunday: Bike

Monday: 5 miles of hills and power yoga at lunch

Tuesday: 8 miles, easy pace

Wednesday: 5 miles, easy pace, yoga, Insanity

Thursday: 8 miles, easy pace

Friday: Bike

Saturday: 22 miles

And here’s what my week actually looked like:

Sunday: Rest

Monday: After work I decided to ride the bike and do a short run.  I got in an hour on the trainer while watching a little TV and followed it up with a 3 mile run.

Tuesday: Since my PiYo DVDs are coming in the mail any day and I’ll be joining a challenge group soon, I decided to go to the PiYo class at the gym.  I only had time to run 5.5 miles before class so I did that and went to class.  It’s amazing how good of a workout PiYo is without being high impact like Insanity or running or as slow as yoga.

Wednesday: Today I was able to get away from work for yoga at lunch.  After work, I got in a 50 minute bike ride followed by Insanity.

Thursday: I didn’t have much time to run today so I was only able to get in 4 miles but something is always better than nothing so I was happy with that.

Friday:  After a long and busy week, I needed a rest day….so I took one.  Like I’ve said before, I don’t generally schedule a rest day into my plan but have at least a couple of days that could become rest days.  Rest is critically important to training and I make sure my body is rested.  I just prefer to rest when I feel like I need it instead of a certain day just because it’s on the schedule.

Saturday: I started having twinges of knee pain over the past few days so I decided to cut short the scheduled 22 mile run.  There’s really no reason to run that many miles since I’m not officially following a training plan for a goal race.  I am just trying to keep a solid mileage base that will leave me in good shape and strong and fit when I am training.

Overall I had a pretty good week and am satisfied with my workouts.  The cutback in mileage was great and I’m ready to face next week!

How was your week?

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