Summer grilling time is here! After the long, cold winter we had, I’m super excited to be able to spend some time outdoors. And since Mr. Real Food loves to grill, it’s the perfect time to let him do the cooking while I relax by the pool.

To help you get the best out of your grilled foods, I wanted to share these grilling tips with you along with my favorite grilling recipe!

  • Don’t put food on too early. Make sure the grill is fully heated before adding food. For wood and charcoal grills, allow at least 30 minutes for fuel to thoroughly heat. For gas grills, allow enough time for grates to completely heat up.
  • Don’t babysit your food. Most meat only needs to be flipped once during cooking. Continually opening the grill cover allows the smoke to escape, along with the flavor and temperature.
  • Use a spatula or tongs to flip meat. Instead of using a fork and piercing meat, use a spatula or tongs so that the flavorful juices don’t escape.
  • Add sauces near the end of cooking. Because sauces contain liquid, they cook (and burn) very quickly. Adding them too early will result in charred sauce.
  • Make sure food is cooked to the proper temperature. The best way to check temperature is with an instant food thermometer. You won’t have to worry about your guests getting food poisoning from undercooked food or having to throw out burnt food.

If you’re looking for a great charcoal grill this summer, be sure to check out Char-Broil’s new Kettleman grill. Available at Lowe’s or online at, the $129 price makes it really affordable and perfect for summer, whether you’re cooking out in your backyard or down by the lake. With all its great features that make grilling easier such as more control over temperature, flare-up and cleanups, you’ll enjoy more time with friends and family and less time focused on your grill.

Look how easy this Char-Broil Kettleman Grill is to use:

Ready to try my favorite grilling recipe? This Cilantro Lime Chicken is amazing!

How often do you grill during the summer? What is your favorite grilling recipe or tip?

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