I had never really eaten sweet potatoes before other than at Thanksgiving and that was with a layer of burnt marshmallows on top.  And to be really honest, I just liked the marshmallow part.  After reading about the benefits of sweet potatoes and how beneficial they are to runners, I thought I would give them another try.  As it turns out, I love sweet potatoes!  Besides being inexpensive and readily available, here are some of the other benefits:

  • High in vitamin B6, which can help with prevention of heart attacks and degenerative diseases.
  • Excellent source of vitamin C, which helps with cold and flu prevention.  It plays a role in bone and tooth formation, digestion, and blood cell formation.  Vitamin C helps us cope with stress and produces collagen to maintain skin elasticity.
  • Contain vitamin D that supports our immune system and affects energy levels, moods, healthy bones, heart, nerves, skin, and teeth.  Vitamin D also supports the thyroid gland.
  • Excellent source of magnesium which contributes to blood, bone, heart, muscle and nerve function.  Magnesium can also provide a relaxing, calming, anti-stress effect.
  • Contain iron, which contributes to energy levels and blood cell production.
  • Contain potassium, an electrolyte that regulates heartbeat and nerve signals.  Potassium is also used to relax muscle contractions, including swelling.
  • High in beta carotene and other carotenoids, which strengthen eyesight and boost immunity. These antioxidants can help ward off cancer and minimize the effects of aging.
  • Naturally sweet taste that releases steadily into the bloodstream, avoiding the dreaded sugar crash.
  • Extremely versatile and can be prepared in many different ways including, baking, steaming, sautéing, and roasting.  They can be eaten raw, grilled, added to soups or stews, or added to smoothies.  The possibilities are virtually endless!
  • Contain about twice as much fiber as other types of potatoes.
  • Useful in weight management as they are filling and regulate blood sugars.

If you’d like an easy snack recipe, check out my Sweet Potato Chips.  We love to snack on these!

What is your favorite way to eat sweet potatoes?

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