Tofu Sausage and Rice

I didn’t actually have a plan for this dish.

I hadn’t been to the store yet for our weekly groceries so I just dug through the refrigerator to see what I could throw together and this is the result. It was actually surprisingly good too!  Mr. Real Food and I both agreed this was a keeper dish.

While I’ve really tried to limit the amount of meat I consume, he’s still a meat eater so this was a good compromise that we were both happy with.  If you want real meat, just substitute regular sausage.  But if you haven’t tried tofu sausage, you might consider that…it’s actually quite good.

Tofu Sausage and Rice


1 cup texmati brown rice

2 medium yellow squash


1 medium onion

Tofu sausage

4 tablespoons tamari


Cook rice according to package directions.  In a separate pan, saute squash, broccoli, onion, and sausage together.  Add tamari and simmer for about 10 minutes.  Combine rice with veggies and serve.

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