In case you haven’t noticed the calendar recently (or the lights and decorations or the holiday songs on repeat), the holiday season is upon us. I have to admit though, I’m not a huge fan of shopping; you won’t catch me anywhere near a store on Black Friday and I make every effort to avoid peak shopping times.  With the ease and convenience of online shopping, there’s really no need to get out much.

The problem that I’ve found with online shopping is that sometimes I need smaller, more last-minute gifts.  I’ve done really well with planning gifts for my family but I usually forget about the gift I need for a teacher, neighbor, hostess, secret Santa at the office, or book club.  I used to keep a few little gifty-type items in my closet for these times but I’ve let that dwindle over time.

As I was debating what types of gifts I wanted to stock up on, I was reminded of the sugar scrub that I was given for my birthday last summer.  It was lemony and smelled of summer and I absolutely loved using it.  It made my skin feel so soft and fresh and smelled so delicious!  If I loved it so much, I figured that others would too.  But….after a trip to the store and a glance at the price of a jar of sugar scrub, I was sad that such a great gift was out of my budget.

Sometimes I have a little trouble letting ideas go, especially when they are this fantastically awesome – and this turned out to be one of those times.  While I was enjoying a cup of Bigelow Pumpkin Spice Tea and the brisk fall weather (I have time to do that since I’m almost done with shopping), it came to me!  I would make my own sugar scrub!  And I knew it had to be a pumpkin spice scented, inspired by my cup of Bigelow Pumpkin Spice Tea.

Those of you that regularly read my blog may have noticed that there aren’t many (or any) DIY type things.  And those of you that know me personally are probably laughing hysterically over the thought of me making a gift myself.  There’s a very good reason for that – I am creatively- and craftily- challenged.  There – I admitted it – I am not good at making crafts!  I have experienced more than my fair share of Pinterest fails.  But thinking about the ingredients needed to make a sugar scrub, I thought it was fail-proof – even for me.

Turns out I was right!

This Pumpkin Spice Sugar Scrub takes less than 5 minutes to make and is easier than easy.  There’s no cooking involved and you can mix it directly in the gift jar so the only dirty dishes you’ll end up with is a measuring cup and spoon.  You can have it ready faster than it would take you to run to the store to buy some; and you probably already have all of the ingredients you need.  It’s easy enough for toddlers to help with too (maybe as a special gift for mom :)).  The beautiful thing about this recipe is that it’s easy to customize and make whatever scent you enjoy.  And the best part – it’s extremely budget-friendly!

Here’s all I did to make this Pumpkin Spice Sugar Scrub:

Gather the simple ingredients you’ll need: a jar (I found this cute jar with the flip lid but a Mason jar would work well too), 1 cup olive oil (or any lightly scented oil), 1 cup white or brown sugar (I used brown for a darker color and gentler scrub – white sugar would exfoliate more), 2 teaspoons vanilla extract, 2 teaspoons pumpkin pie spice, and 1 teaspoon cinnamon.  Notice that these are all actual food ingredients too (and spices).  That means it’s non-toxic and contains no harmful chemicals.  I wouldn’t recommend eating it of course since the oil and sugar make it pretty high calorie and it probably doesn’t taste all that great.  But it’s good for your skin!

Add the oil to your jar.  Stir in sugar.  Add vanilla, pumpkin pie spice, and cinnamon and stir until all ingredients are combined.  That’s it!  Seriously, that’s all there is to it.

Now just add a pretty ribbon or even a little scoop and you’ve got yourself a beautiful and very thoughtful gift.  Since my Bigelow Pumpkin Spice Tea was my inspiration, I went back to Walmart and picked up a few more boxes of it to include in a gift bag with the sugar scrub.  Sipping a cup of tea is always a great way for me to relax and enjoy everyday moments, particularly during this busy season, so I know that Bigelow Tea makes a great gift.  And the sugar scrub is reminiscent of the delightful aroma of the tea.  I want all of my friends to remember to make the most of the holiday and take it all in.  And for only about $5 each, I am able to share this with my loved ones.

To use the body scrub, wet hands or body and scoop a little bit onto your skin and rub.  Rinse off with water and feel how smooth your skin is!  Just be sure to only use this externally and not around your eyes.

To make other scents, you could start with the oil and sugar base and experiment with essential oils or different spices.  Lavender would be great for it’s calming properties and lemon is amazing for it’s energizing scent.

And now that you’re finished making your own special gifts, sit down, relax and enjoy a warm cup of Bigelow Tea!

Tell me about your favorite way to enjoy everyday moments during the hectic holiday season!  Be sure to visit Bigelow for more flavor inspiration!

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