I love eating watermelon throughout the summer but I had no idea that there were SO many health benefits.  I knew watermelon was super healthy and light and refreshing, but there are many wonderful things watermelon juice does for us.

Watermelon is a type of berry that grows on long thin vines. It is made up of almost 94% water and 6 percent sugar by weight.

Watermelon is used in many cultures and has great significance due to its many health benefits and the fact that it is rich in many vitamins and minerals. While the red fruit inside is eaten and relished by all, watermelon rind is also eaten and sometimes made into a pickle or a vegetable dish.

When it comes to real food, there is nothing as wholesome and delicious as a watermelon. It is full of water and keeps you energized, full and cool. Watermelon juice benefits are so many that you will want to include this in your diet every single day. And it tastes real good too!

Here are some benefits of watermelon juice:

  • Prevention of heart disease: Watermelon juice contains an antioxidant known as lycopene. Antioxidants are basically those elements that combine with the free radicals in our bodies. Free radicals are free oxygen cells that cause inflammation and damage cells and organs. They can cause the heart muscles to work harder and bloat and choke them which may cause heart attacks. Watermelon juice with is anti-inflammation, antioxidant lycopene is a very healthy way to counter all cardiac problems.
  • Lessening diseases: Watermelon juice contains many other important anti-oxidants that prevent and/or lessen the affects of diseases such as osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, colon cancer and asthma. Drink a glass everyday to reap its full benefits.
  • A complete meal: Watermelon, unlike other fruits, contains proteins, sugar and minerals which makes it a complete meal and is good if you want to follow a low fat and a low cholesterol diet. A watermelon juice can be used as a meal replacement for dieters and weight watchers.
  • Low Blood pressure: Watermelon juice contains potassium which helps normalise blood pressure and prevents cardiac ailments.
  • Energy Giver: Watermelon juice is loaded with vitamin B and also contains good amounts of complex sugar and a huge quantity of water. It gives instant energy and rejuvenates the entire body. Many athletes prefer to drink watermelon juice right before they perform or even afterwards.
  • Improves bone density: Watermelon juice contains a large amount of calcium which fortifies all the bones in your body. Regularly drinking watermelon juice will give your bones strength, reduce the risk of osteoporosis and all bone related diseases and also fortify your eyesight.
  • Rich in iron: Watermelon seeds are rich in iron and iron helps strengthen your blood. It also helps with the production of good quality red blood cells. Crush watermelon seeds or just add them as such to your juice to reap its benefits. Diseases like thinning of blood and anaemia can be prevented by drinking watermelon juice fortified with its seeds.

As watermelon is mostly water, it will not add extra calories to your body and will help keep you full, but not harm you. It is a rich source of minerals and vitamins and should be included in your diet as you try to strive for a healthy lifestyle.

Do you enjoy watermelon?  What is your favorite way to eat it?

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